M4 Sherman (105) HVSS - 713th Tank Batallion Okinawa 1945

Hi Guys,
my name's Stefan and I have been invited to join this great blog and to post some of my work. I am 30 years old and a big Sherman fan.

My current work is a Sherman M4 (105) produced by Chrysler Defense Arsenal late 1944. These were equipped with a HVSS suspension system. Some were used by the 713th Tank Battalion on Okinawa in 1945.
My model is loosely based on some pictures which show different m4 shermans with a lower portion of a wading stack installed and sandbags on the rear engine deck.

 The wading stack is scratch built, the antenna is from panzer art, various stuff from legend and tamiya ( shovels, helmets, ammo boxes). The sandbags and the dust cover are made from modelling clay . The little chains are from royal model. The spare tracks are from AFV club (Thanks again Peter!)
 Basis for the model were two dragon sherman kits:
Dragon M4A3(HVSS) -6354 and Dragon M4(105) -6548

Next step is painting ;-)
Many Greetings from southern Germany!