ADV / Azimut russian light tank T-60/41

the cover art

The resin model of the russian light tank T-60/41 came from ADV / Azimut. The kit came also with some tin parts.

components of the model
The quality was poor, some parts are not usable and for the rest I need a lot of putty. But it makes a lot of fun. ;)

comparison between kit and friul
The horrible tracks were replaced by better one from friul.

painting and weathering
For the painting I used tank green no. 71011 from Vallejo.

Alpine Miniature No. 35004
The soldier came from Alpine.

the base

For the base I used putty and Seramis - Clay Granulate, the grass came from NOCH.

Enough of words, we let the pictures speak...

"retaken territory"

Some inspirations...

Happy modeling.