Fujimis Eggship IJN Akagi with some lights Part I

My new project is Fujimis egg-Akagi with, of course, some lights. ;)
Fujimi offers also some special parts for his egg-ships, PE-Parts and wooden decks. For my Akagi I used both.

First I will show you a little meet & greet with my Fujimi Egg-Yamato. You can clearly see that the Akagi has much more portholes. That’s interesting for the lighting, but difficult for me and my drill…


The electronic parts, as power supply can I use any 5V stabilized power unit with µUSB plug, e.g. from mobile phones or USB-connectors on PC.

The two yellow leds are designed as a block, so I have more space for the foc (fiber optic cable). I hope it’s enough.
The three leds (two yellow and one red), the resistors and the connector are solving on a stripboard.

The main construction with the 27 foc and the cable for the red SMD-led, one of the foc are damaged, only white light comes through, the yellow one didn´t work.

Lights on:

And all parts together…

To be continued...