Fujimis Eggship IJN Akagi with some lights Part V (The End...)

Hey folks, my shipyard is opened again. 

This time I finished the planes and use the super glue only for my fingers.
Okay... not only for the fingers.

The carrier hasn’t enough space for all planes on deck. So I decided to display the planes with folded the wings.
broken wings...

The Kate get a green camouflage and the Val and Zero unfortunately a wrong color.

It was not easy to paint the tiny planes.

But Tamiya-tape and moulding milk make it possible.

The Kate are painted. 

They looking good on deck.

On this phase a friend told me my color mistake for the Zero and Val. So they become the right white color hue.
the white Val

The Zero with all markings.
without a washing
Then I starting the oil-color washing, the Kate become a green color and the Zero a grey color washing.
"Kates cutted wings... "
All parts of the Kate are put together.

Ok, I forgot the propeller.
But… here he is. ;)

After a day of relaxation I take the Val back on my desk.
three beautiful Valeries... eh, Val...

All birds on deck.

I can’t believe it! My little ship is ready...

Ok, I will close the shipyard for a while and go back to my study…

Thanks for reading my WIP. Hope we see us again on my next project.