Fujimis Eggship IJN Akagi with some lights Part II

The shipyard is open... ;)
At first, I replaced the resistors of the LEDs. According to the datasheet the yellow LEDs tolerate more current (up to 30mA). I reduced the current for the red LED to less than 1mA.
I also added plugs for an easier connection of the cables. Afterwards the board was painted black and the connectors were colored.
old and new
All steelelements are painted in a dark grey and then highlighted with a few light-grey colors.
Before I painted the bridge tower I covered the portholes with latex milk.
After a protective coating with Future I used different oil color washings for weathering effects.
When I was satisfied, I fixed everything with matt varnish and edited it afterwards with pastel chalk.

The PE-parts were glued after painting thesection.

Then I glued the wooden deck and pre-painted PE parts on the flight deck. Previously I removed the castings on the flight deck. Before I applied the masks and painted the white and red areas, the deck was protected by Future. Thereafter the deck has been weathered just like the rest of the model.

The remaining PE parts have been bent and soldered, they were painted along with the other parts.

Finally the underwater hull was painted. I produced a worn impression with oil paints.

After the color matches has ended and all backed with matt varnish, the optical waveguide could be threaded.
I started with the bow, there are only 80 pieces but it looks quite cool

Among other things, I've tinkered a little on my electrics ... but this is for the next update. ;)

See you