Graf Zeppelin LZ 127 1/1000 Aero Base

LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin was a rigid airship made by Zeppelin, which was put into service on September 18 in 1928 to 21 months of construction. The airship is considered the most successful passenger airship that era. Originally built as an experimental ship, LZ 127 proved so reliable that it soon became famous through numerous spectacular rides. These include the world trip and the polar flight. And scoring records as the longest drive of an airship with 6384.50 km and the longest journey time of an airship in 71 hours. Graf Zeppelin was filed on July 19, 1937 decommissioned. After discharge of the hydrogen gas it served only as a tourist attraction, which could be visited for an entrance fee, the population made use of this good use. With the outbreak of World War II the ship 1940, even though it was still fully operational, scrapped together with LZ 130 in Frankfurt am Main.

The kit comes from the Japanese manufacturer Aero Base and contains 3 Photo etching boards stainless steel and 6 parts of white metal / tin.

The model was built entirely Out of Box. Only a few parts like the propellers were cut thin and profile. Since the construction is were too thick and bulky. 

The Count kit is designed that all components are held predominantly by bendable tabs. The solution but did not like it so because I myself can not imagine that it is the members all sit accurately. And visually, I do not find the solution also so hot. That's why the tabs have been removed and all glued with superglue.

This made it even more of a hard work, because there are more than 500 glue dots. The then had to be tidied.

At the end of the results in a very stable construction with a total weight of only 19 grams....

.... at a length of 23,3 cm and a diameter of 3,0cm.

Finish is the little cigar.