Hasegawa P-51D "Mustang" Part III

Welcome back to the Hasegawa P-51D. 
While looking on WWII pictures I saw most of the landing flaps down. Mostly than the Mustang was parked a while. I didn´t think much about and used the saw. But it´s not a piece of cake I thought....

I used the Trumpeter engraving tool to deepen the flaps until I could break them out.

I glued the wings and the elevators. Tamiya tape helped to get the correct angle. 

This are the holes to close and bring the landing flaps into the right position.

After a while of sanding, filling, cluing, start again with sanding, filling, cluing I achieved this.

I think it looks ok.👍 I will use some flaps I found in the deep of my mancave.... First I planed to use the Hasegawa flaps but I realized my plan failed.