Hasegawa P-51D "Mustang" Part IV

Hi all,

Next steps on my Mustangs is to dive the clear parts in "Future (Pledge?)". It does not have to be "Future". Important is that it is a sealing for wood floors (e.g., parquet). This treatment makes the parts more transparent, shiny and protected. It even allows processing with super glue.

To dry, I put the parts in a plastic box, which protects them from dust and "clumsy movements"

I let them in there for allmost 48 hours

Meanwhile I prepared the right wing for installing the landing flap.

I also re-engraved and riveted some lost details in front of the wheel well.

The guns in the wing look really poor.... I have to rework this....

much better :) I used 0,9mm injection cannula I´ve bought in a pharmacy. Cutted with my Dremel  in 5mm pieces and the ring around the gun barrels is a 0,5mm wire, bent to a ring.

still a lot of work to do here..... filling, sanding polishing... Time to think about the painting....

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