Hobby Boss 80372 Messerschmitt Me-262 A-1a/U4

Today I want to show you Hobby Boss Me-262 A1b/U4 equipped with a impressive 5cm MK, constructed to destroy allied Bombers.At the end of the war some of these aircraft were captured and set to the US for evaluation. Check here our link area for information.
I rate this kit with 4 of 5 stars

HB provides a good packing and a nice front picture.
The fuselage and the MK.
nice details on the gun. Once painted it will be a eye catcher

Well packed, very good clear parts
on each sprue you can find great details what would be fun to paint.

two different kind of front wheels are provided
the nicely done dashboard

great thing is the provided weight, so you don´t have to care about it.

The Jumo 004 engine parts
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

The cockpit tube

A nicely done decals sheet in very good quality.

This decals will look pretty good on the dash board.

"Wilma Jeanne" was one of Watson´s whizzers. unfortunately  the slogan on the other side is missing and no stars and bars are provided.  The best solution is to build this kit like it is on the cardboard.
Do not apply decal #42 for a correct German test machine

a always Hobby boss gives us a good and clear instruction.