Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part IX

Hi all,
Decaling a  jet model is always a proof of patience. I spend about 12 hours adding most of the decals. Still have to the weapons and tanks. The Revell instructions wasn´t clear in some parts and so some decals are in a wrong position.... Stefan Reichel provided me some spare decals and so I could resolve the biggest flaws. I still have to seal them with a coat of clearcoat.

I added some wiring to the main gear and thought they are ready for painting.
All gear parts prepared for the airbrush:
The crocodile clamps a really great to handle small parts. I bought them very cheap from ebay. A toothpick is used for the wheels.

0,5mm wire and Tamiya tape made the job easy and will give more details. Not 100%  perfect but enough for me.

I used a very light gray as base color.  

I highlighted some areas with pure white 

Black and silver was used to paint the wiring  and the natural metal parts.

Next: some washings........

All the best