Fujimis Eggship IJN Akagi with some lights Part IV

Welcome to our shipyard.
I think I have good news for you. :) The carrier is ready for the maiden voyage. ;)

But before we start with the party I will give you a last build report.
First I finished the tedious work on the fibre-optic cable…

At this point I made a stupid mistake. The FOC from the island got in contact with plastic glue and melted. So I had to search for a solution. After some ideas and trials I took the easy way and used another yellow LED.

The last FOC (total of 224) were put in and everything was filled up with white glue.

 Meanwhile I check the electric again and found a problem. My touch-switch didn´t have enough capacity to control the current I needed. So I used a transistor to switch the LEDs.
The current from the touch-switch output, about 8 mA, to control the transistor and it then activated the LEDs.
For this I created a circuit and more boards, for 28 more projects… :D

Before the complete board was created, I made a basic handmade board, with a breadboard.

Next, I painted the mark for the touch area onto the base.

Now, it’s time for the last PE-parts…

It was complicated to place the inner railings… There was not enough space to place it. The material was also fragile and broken many times.
But the result compensates for all the troubles.

Ok, let’s start with the presentation…

The flare-path… I guess

Lights go on…


See you next time with the aircrafts… :)