Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part III

It´s time to close the fuselage and install the cockpits. The seats will find their way later.
If you want to improve your "Dry-Fit" capability, this kit is the best oportunity ;-)
There are several aeras that needs sanding and triming. I tried to highlight these areas with red arrows.
Carefully work here can bring the kit to really good fit. 
The most bad part is in front of the cockpits and lot of extra work will be needed here. 

I did not follow the Revell instructions and all ready glued the backfin
Unfortunatelly this is the worst part of the kit. You can find here sinkmarks, bad fit and gaps.

The nose fits perfect.... didn´t glue it until I  know if I have enough weight inside. Revell says 30g are enough... we will see....

added some details

the prepared parts for the air brake

Test fit, looks good, doesn´t it?