Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part IV

The Typhoon-Saga contiues.  
Each of us knows the moment when sitting in front of a model and ask yourself: Why? Why do I build this kit? .... Give up? No way! 
Spent a lot of time with reworking the cockpit-area and the intake trunk. Last weekend I saw small cracks on the canopy... I wrote to Revell, hopefully they will replace it soon.

The HUD are prepared and will be installed soon.
Revell solution for the intake.....  well... 

not the best.... How to improve?
I found two of this jet exhausts in my universe of left over parts. Cutted out the marked area and clued it in place
After filling and sanding
much better. Once painted you will be able to see  the "engines"
Made some sanding tools with wood, small sponge pieces and sanding paper. I glued all with white glue
Works perfect!
Front wheel well... once again, no details.....
added some wires and evergreen bits.
 I did not follow the Revell way and installed the upper wings part first

careful sanding and trimming reduces the need of putty

only a small amount of putty will be needed here. . Next the main wheel well. More in next update.