Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part VII

Have you missed the Typhoon? No, I have not given up. Work is wating my time....
After a long time I managed to get some work done at my Typhoon. Starting the build I wanted the canopy open. But I want to shorten the build and decided closing it. The F-22 is calling ;-)

I started installing the Display and completing the office. First I glued wires in place and painted them black:

 Black paint was used for painting the frame

Glued in place with super glue.

Cutted the wires and installed the seats:

Looks good, doesn´t it ? ;-)

Clear parts are always difficult to handle. I used Revells clear paint as glue and used Tamiya tape to keep the Canopy in place.  

Some filler will be needed here:

Started preparing the Typhoon for painting. I use a pieces from a sponge to cover the wheel wells an the air intake 

Tamiya Tape is used to cover the canopy

The front gear with added rivets. Some wires will follow

Also added some details to the main gear....

I decided to go with IRIS-T and METEOR AA rounds and installed the IRIS-T starting rail

The nicely done IRIS-T

In the kit are three fuel tanks. This are the 1000l underwing tanks.

I flatend the main wheels to make the look weigthend

also the front wheel.....

In Germany is a discussion ongoing how to replace the Tornado. What about an "Strike-Typhoon" with bomb racks like the Rafale:

So the payload would be:
- 2 x IRIS-T,
- 6 x GBU-12,
- 4 x METEOR,
- 1 x 1000l Centerline Tank.
Possible? What do you think about it?
Would a Targeting Pod be needed?