Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part VIII

Ended with almost building this model and started painting. Unfortunately I did not get it managed to make pictures from all painting stages, but that´s nothing you chaps did not already know. Just modeling basics.

 Checking the Typhoon prior painting I found something that I did not like, the APU exhaust. This is something I don´t understand, over all this kit is rather nice but in this case it looks worser than the cheapest toy... 

I had to act and just a few seconds later it look like this. I used my Dremel mill out the hole, worked fine and precise. It would have been easier earlier in the build but... better late then never....
Two Mike is, or was offering a resin replacement, highly recommended ;-)

I was to late and had to find another way.
Prepared a Evergreen plastic tube in the right diameter.....

.....glued in place. Works for me.....

It looked pretty rough, so I used Revell Contacta plastic glue to smooth it. Need to do some sanding to remove some glue on the surface.

The armory:
4 x METEOR and 2 x IRIS-T AA rounds. Two 1000l fueltanks will complete the payload. I hang up the plan with the GBU-12 bombs. I will make a separate chapter for building and painting the load out. 

As already mentioned I have not made much pictures from the paint job.
 I started with a grayish blue base coat of paint. Some light and dark preshading was added. After that another coat of highly diluted base coat was added until I liked the look.
 Everything is painted with Revell Aqua Color. I really love this paint since I know how to use them.

If you want to learn how I painted the heated metal, check our "How to...." sites.
All the best