Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part X

Most of the decals are on my Fighter and applied the panel line wash. Definitely not my favorite work...
I used a self mixed oil color.... Looking on the pictures I thinks it´s a little bit to dark.

Just realized I have to rework the light gray strip in some areas..
Top view, I removed the canopy masking. I´m still proud of my seats ;-)
The landing gear parts also received its pin washes
Revell wants the wheel well door to be clued in that position without any holder
PE left overs are used to make my own....
I made my own tool to apply super clue. It ´s a cutted needle

The door in place. still has to positioned once the gear is glued
The main gear in place
The door is still not in the right position
The front wheel

Could not resist to set her on her own legs

The flattened tires look great and much better than without reworking them
The Airbrake is also in place

This is how she looks today. Still need to paint some details, add the nozzles, the landing lights and of course the payload.
All the best