Revell Typhoon Twinseater 1/48 Part XII

Hello Guys,
some last steps on my Typhoon are done. Paintetd the positioning lighs and some other details.
This is the light before paintig
Started with a layer of silver. That will make light "shine"
This should be a red light, so we have to use "Clear red" of Tamiya. If you want to paint other colored glases, use "Clear green", "Clear orange" oder "Clear blue". White glases can be done with "Smoke".

This is a "Exhaust" on both sites of the tail

The kit does look different, but it ´s to late for a big surgery, so I will try to paint it like the original, started with a layer of silver.

Next a layer of a brown washing.
The center was painted in black and the egdes a highlighted with some silver/bown mix
Did the same steps at the APU exhaust

This is a IRIS-T Training round, photographed at the Airbus Familiy day. More pictures can be found here:

The lences in front of the missile
Revell wasn´t aware of it, so we have to make our own
Flatend the front and you can see the prepared lences made from a clear piece of plastic
A METEOR Training round
Added in front the missing rivets and engraving.
next steps, painting the payload and cemplete the Typhoon :)

All the best